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Software development services are customized solutions provided by an expert team of software developers to create, modify and enhance software-based applications or systems according to client requirements.


IoT Service and Development

Rely on our expertise in IoT development to create consumer IoT solutions that bring convenience to you. We are well-versed in hardware design, embedded apps, cloud platforms, web and mobile solutions.


IT Management

Our experts are ready to guide you through the process of finding the right development strategy you need for your business

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Innovative It Helping Service All Over the World

We are a National Company that prioritizes Information Technology, engaged in the procurement of government/private goods & services, e-commerce, and various other business lines. With our experience, we want to provide solutions that focus on customer satisfaction & strategic partnerships throughout Indonesia.

Global System Solution has always been committed to being the leading, most complete, widest and most trusted company.

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Great Service

We Achieved People’s Trust by Our Great Service

Earning people's trust is a significant accomplishment, and achieving it through great service is a testament to the values and qualities upheld by the service provider.

  • Great Understanding

    IT professionals must have a deep understanding of hardware, software, networking, programming languages, databases, and other relevant technologies. Staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in IT is essential to deliver efficient solutions.

  • Problem-Solving Skills

    Technology is all about solving problems, whether it's fixing technical issues or devising innovative solutions for clients. A great IT service provider should possess strong analytical and critical thinking skills to troubleshoot and resolve complex issues effectively.

  • Client Education

    Empowering clients with knowledge about their IT systems helps build trust and fosters a better working relationship. A great IT service provider is willing to educate clients on best practices and how to use technology effectively.

  • Business Acumen

    Understanding the broader business context in which IT operates is important. A great IT service provider aligns their solutions with the client's business objectives to drive value and positive outcomes.

Working Process

We are popular because of our way of working

When a company stands out by employing an exceptional approach to its operations, it can garner attention, attract customers, and build a strong reputation.

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